Brand NEW Drag-and-Drop Cloud Based System Lets You Publish UNLIMITED Curated Content, Gets 100% Free Traffic And Makes Commissions from ALL of Your Sites and Fanpages...

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Curation Studio - Web App


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  • Post fresh, sticky content from DOZENS of high-authority sources on autopilot!
  • Automatically monetize your curated content and make sales and commission on the fly.
  • Get 100% free traffic to all your content without any extra effort.
  • Customize and design curated content in seconds with the drag-and-drop visual editor!
  • Schedule “drip” content to keep your visitors and fans engaged – even if you’re away from your computer!
  • Save hours of time each week finding and publishing top-shelf content!
  • Fuel your content marketing engine without the cost of hiring expensive writers!

Hey there,

Let me ask you a question: Do you love writing content?

How about slaving away to get traffic to your sites??

Or even struggling monetizing your sites and making commissions completely automated?

What if there was an INSTANT SHORTCUT you could take to achieve all this? Would you grab it with both hands?

Maybe it’s my imagination, but I think I can hear you laughing from here.

If you’re like the vast majority of online marketers and business owners, you know that supplying visitors and fans with a steady stream of engaging, useful content is critical to your success. It gives you the power to be seen as an authority in your niche, and primes them to buy from you instead of from your competitors.

Or you realize how important it is to monetize your content and to get traffic to your sites.

But like most of us, you probably don’t really enjoy taking hours out of each day to create content. In fact, it can be a serious drain on your time and energy.

You want to focus on making sales and taking care of your clients and customers… but instead, you’re stuck in an endless cycle of…

  • Brainstorming Content Topic Ideas.
  • Researching And Finding Sources To Support Your Content’s Main Points.
  • Writing Your Content.
  • Revising Your Content.
  • Uploading Each New Piece Of Content To Your Website.
  • Tweaking The Layout & Design So It Is Visually Appealing To Your Visitors.
  • Publishing The Content And Sharing It On Your Fan Page.
  • Trying To Monetize Your Content And Websites.
  • Failing To Make Money From Your Sites.
  • OR Getting Traffic To Your Sites.
  • Rinse And Repeat!

By The Time You’re Done With All That, It Can Be Hard To Find The Energy To Take Care Of The Business Tasks You Actually Needed To Address!

But what’s the alternative?

When most marketers get fed up with the “hamster wheel” of generating and publishing content, monetizing their sites or working tirelessly to get traffic, they decide to get someone else to do it for them. In theory, that’s a great idea… but as veteran Upwork buyers, we can tell you that hiring a writer is not a good long-term solution.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Problems With Hiring Writers To Produce Marketing Content For You:

“Affordable” writers have to rush through each article, post, or other piece of content very quickly… which means substandard writing that is poorly researched, filled with mistakes, and lacking in substance. In other words, it’s not fit to publish!

Average and high-quality writers are expensive! You could pay $100 or more for a single article… and that’s on the low end! If you publish just one piece of purchased content a day, your costs could exceed $3,000 per month!

Keeping up with your publishing schedule can be nearly impossible when you have to rely on writers to create your content for you. Good writers are often booked weeks or months in advance… and if you need an article written quickly, they’ll gouge you with “rush fees” that make your content marketing efforts even more expensive!

Even though you’re paying for content, you still have to review, upload, format, and publish each piece… which takes up time you could be spending on more profitable tasks!

Is That Really How You Want To Invest Your Time And Money?

No Us Either!

There HAS To Be A Better Way To Provide Visitors
With A Steady Stream Of Top-Shelf Content!

Each of us has been down the same old frustrating “content marketing” road that you’re stuck on now. As online marketers, we’ve seen this type of marketing take over in a way that no one could have imagined back in the early days of the Internet. And we knew that if we wanted to survive (much less prosper) online, we needed to find a way to make it work!

We’ve spent hours sweating over articles, Facebook fan page posts, and every other type of content we could think of. And we’ve worked with countless writers – some good, some not so good. But neither approach gave us the freedom we wanted… or the consistent flow of great content our audiences demanded!

That’s when we decided something had to change… now!

We brought in the best programmers available and asked them to create a studio that would let us automate as much of the process as possible.

And in the end, even we were blown away by the results!

My friend, I could go on for hours, explaining every detail of this software and exactly how it works… but we’d rather just let you see it for yourself!

We were literally doing this on autopilot AND getting paid
at the same time whilst getting 100% free traffic...

Curation Studio makes it easy to find, customize and publish relevant, high-impact content to multiple blogs, websites, and fan pages SIMULTANEOUSLY… without the typical hassles of writing content from scratch or paying a writer to do it for you!

You also have the ability to MONETIZE your content on complete autopilot with our monetization module AND get traffic to your content with ease!

You Get As Much Fresh, Authority-Building Content

As You Want In 3 Simple Steps:

A drag & drop curation app with dual functionality of posting to your blogs & your fan pages SIMULTANEOUSLY …. You can curate just about anything from articles, memes, and EVEN Amazon products (with your affiliate link!)

How Effortlessly Generates Content As Well As Amazon Affiliate Products For A Niche Blog & Fanpage...

Leverage The Same Power Of Fortune 500 Companies To Ensure
You’ll NEVER Have To Pay For Content, Traffic Or Sales Ever Again

From Anything You’ve Ever Seen Before? Easy! Check Out These Awesome Curation Studio Features...


Curated content for your review in under 15 seconds, browse hundreds of sources to find and build the most viral content for you blog or fanpage...


Curation Studio includes a UNIQUE spinning module which allows you to spin all your content to your hearts desire with a few clicks of the mouse.


Select from Amazon, eBay, Commision Junction, Google, Google Blogs, Google Images, flickr, DailyMotion, Youtube, Vimeo, Wikipedia, Tumblr...


Drag & drop post builder, you can build each individual post with total ease. The visual editor is the most intuitive on the market and easiest to use.


Select from Amazon, eBay, Commision Junction, Google, Google Blogs, Google Images, flickr, DailyMotion, Youtube, Vimeo, Wikipedia, Tumblr...


Nothing to download or install, automatic updates, all displayed in a beautiful, easy to use interface...


Curating content & personalizing it with the drag and drop interface means crafting unique articles has never been easier, you will never need to pay for content again!


Our in built traffic system will help ensure each piece of content is distributed to get 100% free traffic from the top social media websites - fully automated!

Unlike Any Other Curation Tool On The Market Curation Studio Gives You Total Creative Control & Direction From How The Content Looks & Feels To The Multiple Sites You Can Curate Content & Amazon Affiliate Products...


  • With the Auto Sync option, you can update content within the Curation Studio platform, and the changes will automatically appear on each site you’ve synced. No need to worry about updating articles one by one… ever again!
  • We’ve included AutoPost support to make it even faster and easier to publish content on WordPress, Joomla, Facebook, Google+, Blogger, HTML sites, Facebook, and Twitter!
  • NEW! We’ve included Slideshare Integration so that you can integrate your own slide presentations (or royalty-free slide presentations from other sources) in your posts!
  • Curation Studio is completely web-based… so there’s no clunky software to download or install!
  • Add affiliate products from Amazon to your content to earn commissions and drive your profits even higher!
  • With Curation Studio, there are NO limits! You can connect and publish curated content on an UNLIMITED number of websites, blogs, and fan pages at NO extra cost!

To Sell On Your Fanpage Or Website With Viral Affiliate Links!

Promote Amazon products with total ease on any fanpage or website you own or manage.

Want to Publish Content On-the-Go? No Problem! Curation Studio Works Seamlessly on ALL Devices!

Curation Studio creates clean, beautiful, and unique content and products, just chose a keyword and watch as the app generates thousands of articles, images, products & videos for your review!

Collect, Customise & Arrange Articles, Images,
& Amazon Products In Any Niche!

To Go Viral & You Can Get Started In 6 Easy Steps...


Enter A Search Word (Niche)


Review The Curated Content


Design Your Unique Post


Select The Sources You Wish To Search From


Drag And Drop Interface


Publish Your Post

Give Your Audience the Authoritative

Relevant Content They CRAVE with Curation Studio Right Now!

Why would you squander your hours grinding away at content that you hate writing… or spend a fortune paying expensive writers to do it for you… when this push-button system gives you the power to rapidly publish targeted, memorable content across all of your online properties in just minutes?

  • FACT 1: Instant Content For Any Blog Or Fanpage
  • FACT 2: Never Pay For Written Content Again
  • FACT 3: Everything Is Drag And Drop Simple To Use (No Tech Skills Required)
  • FACT 4: Web Based App Is Compatible On All Computers
  • FACT 5: Sell Unlimited Products From Amazon, In Any Niche

So Get on board today and begin using Content Studio in minutes from now. Save time, money and effort on all your content needs. Monetize your sites and begin making real money from your sites. Distribute your content with our traffic module and begin receiving 100% free traffic to your sites

Continue grinding away spending countless hours, wasting time and effort finding, uploading and monetizing content and failing to get traffic to your sites and content.

Make the smart choice and take advantage of the INSTANT shortcut by using Content Studio TODAY and join the thousands of people who’ll be using this for years to come.

You’ll Also Receive The Following 5 Plugins
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As An Exclusive Bonus Pack!






We Won’t Be Keeping The Price This Low For Very Long.

With our future plans we’ll be taking this to a HIGH monthly fee meaning this is your EXCLUSIVE opportunity to take advantage on our super low one time price.

We’ll also be raising the price very soon throughout this period so if you decide to come back later it may have already jumped up by then.

So get in now and on behalf of the entire Curation Hero team we look forward to working with you and seeing you have masses amount of success.

Right now, you’re getting your hands on the one platform that makes it simple not only to find the best content, but to customize it to your brand and even schedule it to publish at the best times for your audience… even if you’re on the phone with a client, spending time with your family, or even enjoying a well-deserved vacation!

Curation Studio typically sells for $97. And to be honest, we’ve been told that it’s a steal at that price.. especially since other guys are selling similar software (without the drag-and-drop simplicity) for $17 a month. But we want to help hard-working, creative marketers like you grow their businesses as quickly and easily as possible.

So for a very limited time, we’re offering a deal we’ve never made available before. Instead of paying the standard $97 price, you’re getting access to the entire Curation Studio, including our detailed tutorials for getting the most out of your content marketing strategy, for a one-time payment of just…


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Try Curation Studio Today RISK-FREE!

We understand that there are LOTS of people out there who love to make promises and then leave you holding the bag after they’ve taken your money. So it’s totally understandable that you might be hesitant to invest in this time-saving software today.

That’s why we want you to try out Curation Studio absolutely risk-free.

Test every feature we’ve included. Use your dashboard to set up a consistent flow of engaging, shareable content that hooks your visitors and turns them into loyal fans (and paying customers). Find out for yourself what a relief it is to know that your content marketing tasks are taken care of for you, so that you can get back to running your business.

And if you decide at any time within 60 days of purchase that Curation Studio isn’t everything we say it is – or if you’re just not thrilled for any reason at all – and we’ll promptly refund every penny of your investment. No questions, no hassles. We’ll just give you your money back and part as friends.

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To Curation Studio Right Now:

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(Single Site)

Curation Studio - Web App


(30 Site Licence)

Curation Studio - Web App 30 Sites

We look forward to hearing YOUR success story with Curation Studio!

P.S.: Today, you’re getting the ability to streamline and automate your content marketing across ALL of your websites, blogs, and Facebook fan pages with one simple, drop-and-drag platform. Yet you’re paying far less than you’d pay a reputable writer to create just one article! Your time is valuable – let Curation Studio handle your content marketing and get back to growing your profits today!

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