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You not only get to benefit from a continual flow of exceptional content to wow your visitors… you also get the power to add affiliate items from Amazon, EBay, and AliExpress to your posts – automatically!

If you already have affiliate accounts with these sites, integrating them into your posts and articles takes just seconds. And if you’re not already an affiliate, all you need to do is sign up for their affiliate programs, link them to your Curation Studio account, and that’s it! You’ll earn commissions each time a visitor clicks through and makes a purchase!

Slideshow galleries add visual interest to your site while giving visitors a wide range of content to choose from. Not only are they visually appealing, but they typically result in more clicks and keep visitors on your site longer… and that increases your ability to turn them into paying customers!

With Curation Studio PRO, you get access to the Curation Gallery creator, which lets you place content slideshow galleries on ALL of your sites, and populates them with fresh content to keep your visitors engaged. It’s the perfect way to increase loyalty and build trust on complete autopilot!

There’s a reason Pinterest has become so enormously popular over the past several years – it’s because Internet users LOVE images! This PRO feature lets you instantly generate visually stunning collages like the one you see above – collages that would take hours to create on your own. But with Curation Studio PRO, it’s all done for you!

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